My name is Louis Orleans, and I am currently a student at Brea Olinda High School and Fullerton College.  Over the last 5 years, I have grown a passion for computer science and design.  This site is intended to showcase the myriad of projects that I have worked on.

At my high school, there is a 4 year academy program called Global Information Technology Academy (GITA).  The 4 year long courses teach students about C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, and Java.  Because of these classes, I have become fluent in those languages, and several others that I have learned on my own, including PHP, Visual Basic, Unityscript, C++, and Python.  My junior year of high school, I took AP GITA 4, and now have run out of computer science courses in high school, so I have started taking classes at Fullerton College, including a C++ class and a game programming in Python class.

In the GITA courses, each year we had a final project to display what we had learned that year.  In AP GITA 4, I got a team of 4 together to complete the largest project we had ever attempted: starfoxPC.  I did much of the programming of the game, Josh Gibbs worked on the networking aspect, Bryan Clark made the website and login components, and Christine Fang made many of the models and textures in the game. StarfoxPC was made using Unity3D, a multi-platform game engine.