My Projects

Cardboard Home

An Android launcher designed for use with Google Cardboard

Cardboard Home is an Android launcher designed for use with the Google Cardboard virtual reality headset. Cardboard Home is intended to replace a regular launcher when the user places their device inside a Google Cardboard viewer. Unlike a regular launcher, Cardboard Home uses side by side 3D to display a launcher interface that is useable while inside a Google Cardboard viewer.

All Talk

A chat app demo

A demo chat application with an Angular.JS frontend, and a Node.JS backend.

Sole Champion

An augmented reality video game

Sole Champion is a fun and unique mobile game that uses augmented reality to place the playing field on your table. The objective of the game is to eliminate your opponents and be the last one standing. You can either conquer computer enemies or play against your friends to become the sole champion.


A reboot of Starfox

This game is a remake of Starfox, but on PC with online multiplayer support. Flight style has been changed semi dramatically, so it may not feel exactly like what you remember from playing on the Gamecube or N64.


A set of pure CSS Material Design styles

I designed a set of CSS styles that can easily be included in a website to allow a web developer to quickly and simply add near pixel perfect Material design inputs to their website. All you need to do in import the style sheet, and set the class for each input to material and then choose a dark or light color palette.


A file browser for your web server

Indexer is a file explorer program, similar to Windows Explorer or OSX Finder, but for a web server. Indexer also includes several features besides simply listing files in a directory, such as previewing many different file types, providing a convenient QR code to easily get to the same file on your phone that you are viewing on your computer, allowing the server admin to lock certain folders from view, providing a clean mobile interface, and allowing people to securely upload files in to a public directory.


A custom wallpaper cycler for OS X that works with multi monitor setups

Mac OS X doesn’t have native support for taking a multi-monitor wallpaper and applying it to multiple monitors, and Wallcycle seeks to remedy this by cutting ultra-wide wallpapers into pieces and applying them as wallpapers automatically.


Bringing twang back

Do you miss the joy of degaussing that CRT monitor? LCDegauss can help with that! Some friends and I were recalling degaussing the old CRT monitors at our high school, and realized what an important part of our lives had disappeared with the beige boxes. From this dark pit of twanglessness, LCDegausser was born.

Pic Menu

A dynamic restaurant menu

I originally developed this project when I saw my grandmother with Alzheimer’s having trouble ordering food because she couldn’t associate a food’s name with what it was.

Space Zombies

A game about circles

and shooting circles.

Multiplayer Snake

A remake of snake with local multiplayer and powerups.

Projects I have Contributed to

Light Controller

Android App to Control LimitlessLED light bulbs

This is an Android app that I have contributed to that allows the user to control their LimitlessLED light bulbs via their Android phone. It has the main app’s control scheme, along with widgets for the home and lock screen, and a Tasker plugin that I wrote that enabled the user to control their lights with Tasker tasks.